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Synopsis This month’s killing of 23 Druze clan members by Jabhat Al Nusra jihadists has made Syrian Druze a potential flashpoint in a proxy war between Saudi Arabia, (...)

Exclusive: Insiders say group has been drained of Middle East recruits and that US wrongfooted by shift in balance of power between warring jihadi groups Spencer (...)

It was no joke for millions of Turks who queued in front of ballot boxes at early hours of the day to cast their votes and determine the fate of their country, as (...)

By DAVID E. SANGERJUNE WASHINGTON — A new merging of strategic interests between Saudi Arabia and Israel was on display on Thursday as two former officials from those (...)

By Marcus Weisgerber If Iran launches a ballistic missile at the Middle East, nuclear or not, Arab states would have as little as four minutes to act before impact. (...)

Analysts have wondered why Syria’s Druze have not joined the uprising against the regime of President Bashar Assad, despite the fact that the Druze were the first to (...)

When Ramadi fell to the Islamic State (also called ISIS) on May 17, many believed that it was a turning point in the campaign in Iraq, redirecting the war west (...)

This week, Saudi Arabia just sanctioned two senior Hezbollah members, Khalil Harb and Muhammad Qabalan, for "terrorist actions." Both operatives have long Hezbollah (...)

The Middle East state system is under relentless pressure, and preserving it will require a long-term vision for shoring up U.S. allies, rolling back ISIL, and (...)

Jean-Pierre Filiu, historian and professor at Science Po (Paris), was asked by the Journal du Dimanche to comment the fall of Palmyra and Ramadi into the hands of (...)

Hopefully, the Turks shall soon vote their president out of his wretched obsession to transform Turkey from a secular (imperfect-democratic) republic to a (perfect) (...)

From outside the pavilion looks like the white sails of a lost sailing ship: it was built by Italo Rotaas a tribute to the dhow, the traditional Kuwaiti boat. You (...)

The ’caliph’ urges all Muslims to carry out their ‘hijrah’, emigration, to move from an Islam of peace to one of war, imitating Muhammad and his Hegira (in 622). The (...)

This weekend, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech about the Lebanese Shiite militia’s impending victory in the Syrian border district of Qalamoun. The (...)

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