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Aligning with Rouhani is not the Answer

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Given the uncertainties surrounding the Iranian regime’s internal struggle, Washington should not pin its hopes on President Rouhani’s camp, whose regional strategy appears to converge with that of the hardliners.
The Iranian nuclear negotiations have proven divisive enough within the United States and among the United States and its allies. But the bigger (...)

America’s Syria plan is bound to fail

Sunday 25 January 2015
In his State of the Union address Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned Syria only twice. On both occasions he did so in the context of (...)

Time to Take it to Iran

Saturday 24 January 2015
The nuclear deadlock cannot be broken unless Washington reengages in the myriad conflicts plaguing the region, particularly now that Yemen is vulnerable and the Saudi royal family is in a state of turmoil.
The nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran appear stalemated. Meanwhile Iran is on the march in the Middle East with its forces (...)

Israel’s shameless hijacking of French Jews

Tuesday 20 January 2015
If there is anything pure, unadulterated, transcendent in Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s his vulgarity. The corpses were still warm last week when the (...)

Toufic Gaspard interview: liberalism is the only remaining option for Arab societies

Saturday 17 January 2015
Shaffaf Interview with Toufic Gaspard Shaffaf- From a Beirut perspective, how did the Daesh disaster come about? Who is to blame? Toufic (...)

The Paris Attacks: Three Generations of Jihadists

Friday 16 January 2015
Extremists have been importing conflicts from the Arab world into France since the 1990s, resulting in the latest tragedy.
The terrorist network responsible for killing seventeen people in Paris last week is a troubling combination of three generations of jihadists, (...)

Antithesis of radical Islam is not moderate Islam, it is secularism

Wednesday 14 January 2015
For centuries, ideologues and politicians in the West have positioned themselves regarding Islam in a defensive way. Christian Europe always (...)

A Moment of Decision on Egypt

Wednesday 14 January 2015
Washington is all but certain to resume its military financing to Egypt at some point, but there is little to be gained and potentially much to be lost by waiting for Cairo’s Federal Reserve accounts to zero out in the meantime.
Although Egypt is an important strategic asset for the United States — granting priority Suez Canal access to American warships and unrestricted (...)

It is always the Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday 11 January 2015
In January 2006 it was the Muslim Brotherhood who escalated the Muhammad Cartoons Issue
The origins of the 7 January attack in Paris against Charlie Hebdo goes back first to al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) ‘Most Wanted’ list (...)

The 2013 al-Qa’ida hit list and the Paris terrorist attack

Friday 9 January 2015
There are still some mysteries surrounding the jihadi attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on 7 January 2014, like why did the (...)

What’s missing is an Israeli party

Thursday 8 January 2015
Israel’s decent Jewish citizens should vote only for parties that publicly state that Arab MKs must be part of any future government coalition.
Political life in Israel is based on ethnic and religious identities. There are Jewish parties that occasionally have a token Arab, and Arab (...)

Sunnis are not a sect and Islamic terrorism model is Shiite not Sunni

Wednesday 31 December 2014
on the use and abuse of the Sunni-Shia strife in U.S. analysis and Arab policies
While agreeing with many U.S. analysts’ critique of president Obama’s Middle East policy, it is important to take exception to the recurrent use of (...)

What Future and Hezbollah should discuss

Tuesday 30 December 2014
If Assad were to lose to the jihadis in Damascus, the repercussions would be infinitely more dramatic than what happened in Mosul last summer. The symbolism of one of the great Arab cities, the former seat of the Umayyad caliphate, surrendering to militant Islamist groups would be monumental
So great are the worries that Sunni-Shiite relations may deteriorate in Lebanon, that everyone embraces the impending dialogue between the Future (...)

Turkish cannot go back to Arabic script

Thursday 25 December 2014
“We had a language which was very suitable for science; yet we slept over it one night and the next morning it was gone. Now we have been dragged (...)

Israeli Arabs, don’t give the Jewish State your vote

Tuesday 16 December 2014
The Arab MKs merely serve as a fig leaf that covers Israel’s systematic racism. Arab citizens, boycott the elections.
Once again, we find ourselves at the height of election fever in the Jewish “nation-state” — in other words, in the state where the Jew is “above (...)

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