10 October 2006







I know a woman

Her conviction ... our freedom!

Abir Zaki


( To Wajeha al-Huwaider )*


Mighty as the Ocean


gave her heart,

her freedom,

and her Godly scope

without a backward glance

to keep us, women, from going on the run


Wondering what she could have done,

she was all alone,

barely to call anything her own,

her mission to the given

was almost divine…


Soaring like an eagle

her feathers will always fall

broadening all horizons
to help our eyes perceive the blue...

Leaving freedom’s door unattended

and on her own free will
she feels the breeze
and lifts her wings

though others


she is broken now
but I am sure

in time she’ll re-sing
upon the leas

God Bless You my friend!



* Wajeha al-Huwaider, the Saudi journalist and women’s rightsactivist, has been warned to keep quiet by her Government. She holds an MA in Reading Management from George Washington University. Al-Huwaider, who used to write for the Arabic-language the English-language daily newspapers, has been banned from publishing since August 2003.


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