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Cyber-dissident Abdel Razak Al Mansouri reportedly arrested in Tobruk

A New Power Rises Across Mideast
By Scott Wilson and Daniel Williams
First of two articles

In Iraqis We Trust

Arab Feminists on Women's Rights: Cats and Dogs in the Developed World Have More Rights than Women in the Arab and Muslim World

Egypt's Reform Roar: But from where does Democracy really start?
By Amin Al-Mahdy

Dawn of freedom awaits sunrise
by Nir Boms and Aaron Mannes

Jailed Saudi Author, Murdered Gambian Newspaper Publisher To Receive
2005 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Awards

Syria Moves to Keep Control of Lebanon
By Robin Wright

The Next Crusades
By Uri Avnery

Local author says Arab world should look to the East
By David Campbell

Hizbullah's African Activities Remain Undisrupted
By Matthew Levitt

Is it really a new democratic left?
Saud Mawla

Lebanon's Peril
Ralph Peters
Following the old money trail
In Beirut , a case of missing millions--and allegations of a slick government coverup
By Edward T. Pound
Report of the Fact-Finding Mission to Lebanon on the Assasination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
A request for political asylum
Ahmad Albaghdadi
By Wajid Shamsul Hasan
Egyptian Minister of Endowment launches apostasy campaign against attorney at law Negad El Borai
Metransparent in Beyrouth's Democracy Intifada
Pierre Akel
Justice in Yemen
Jane Novak
Syria 's Leader Moves to Consolidate His Power
Behind Lebanon Upheaval, 2 Men's Fateful Clash
'Something was going to happen it was going to be me or him'
An investigation by The Times finds clear evidence that Syria assassinated Rafik Hariri, the Lebanese politician
The mystery of Mr Lebanon's murder
by Robert Fisk
Coup in Syria?
Remembering Halabja
Howar Ziad
The Pentagon's new pin-up boy
Toby Harnden
UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination
by Robert Fisk
The French connection
By Nir Boms and Reza Bulorchi
How to deter Iran
By Ze'ev Schiff
A Brief Assessment of the so-called Massive Hizbullah Demonstration in Beyrouth
Pierre Akel
SHRC protests against the regime's crimes against Kurds in Qamishli in
Democracy in the Mideast : Arabs are saying 'Enough'
By Mona Eltahawy
Petition in Support of al-Khaiwani and the Free Media in Yemen
US State of Department Human Rights Report on Libya
US State of Department Human Rights Report on Saudi Arabia
US State of Department Human Rights Report on Syria
US State of Department Human Rights Report on Egypt
A Mideast Makeover?
Popular Protests Spur Changes From Autocrats
By Jackson Diehl
Human Rights Watch
Egypt : Mass Arrests and Torture in Sinai
Death of a Businessman
By Fouad AJAMI
Pushing for Regime Change in Syria
Farid Ghadry 
A New Middle Eastern Alliance ?
Nir Boms
Gaza and Jericho first again
By Zvi Bar'el
Human Rights Watch Expresses Deep Concern About Assault on MP Ayman Nur
A vote for freedom
Iraqis understand that one of the ways to defeat the terrorists among them is to vote in Sunday's elections
Howar Ziad
Ticking intelligence bomb
Zoheir Andrewous
Between Islamists and Liberals: Saudi Arabia 's New "Islamo-Liberal" Reformists
Stephane Lacroix
Morocco 's Secret Detention Centre of Tmara Under Investigation Moustafa Antara
Poll: Majority of Palestinians now support two-state solution
By Akiva Eldar
Pakistan Faces a Political Tsunami-Like Situation
Wajid Shamsul Hasan
Plight of the Arab Liberal
Barry Rubin
Adolf Hitler on the making of a successful lie
By Abu Khawla
Syria's Glasnost?
Nir Boms and Elliot Chodoff
Gratuities on the Golan
By Aluf Benn
Mubarak's Double Game
Nir Boms and Aaron Mannes
Arab Liberalism and Democracy in the Middle East : A Panel Discussion
Is the world eternal? What is God's relationship to the world as a creator in Ibn Tufayl's philosophy?
Firas Massouh
When talk will no longer be cheap
Rima Merriman
Syria and Tunisia : Enemies of the Web
By Nir Boms
DISPOSSESSED: How Iraq 's 2,600-year-old Jewish community was decimated