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Problems on hold
What do the Muslim Brothers want?

A police State indeed

Out with the religion box

Abduction of a law  

What hath Israel wrought?

Meddling with Orthodox

A unified law

The illusion and the truth

A new victim list

Helping the victims

The victim list grows

More victims

Killed in the cradle

Elastic phrases

Toothless decree

Death and a chronic Egyptian deficiency

The problem with ID and voter cards

The mighty security apparatus

Living together

No longer a silent majority

2006: Year of national effort

On the Wahington conference
In search of equality

On the Wahington conference

The Brotherhood is coming

When wisdom fails and wrath prevail

In Washington

The way to Washington

Problems on hold : Racial decrees

On the Alexandria sectarian incidents
Utter inadequacy

Observations on the upcoming elections

Problems on hold : Once more Why in Washington

Problems on hold :  Again Why in Washington

Problems on hold Why In Washington

Gauging the elections

Why I voted for Mubarak

On Mubarak's programme

Presidential electionsand beyond

Problems on hold : A police State ?

A national coalition Time for holding hands

On religious conversion

The new tax law

Power beyond bounds

Problems on hold : A unified law

Problems on hold Selective correction

A new political diction

Building places of worship

Mind or muscle might

Problems on hold The civil register

Problems on hold : The civil register Beyond deterrence

Watani's Centre of Journalistic Formation and Human Resources Development A new class

Problems on hold : ( Watani ) in Braille

Problems on hold : Awaiting presidential orders

So the President said

The President said

The Copt's Via Dolorosa

Problems on hold: The Egyptian press on sectarian issues

President Mubarak, anew: Egypt of the Muslims and Copts

President Mubarak, one more time: Egypt of the Muslims and Copts

President Mubarak again: Egypt of the Muslims and Copts

President Mubarak: Egypt is home to Muslims and Copts

Problems on hold: Managing the political process

Problems on hold On Ramadan's national unity banquets
To actualise national unity

On the aftermath of the first Coptic symposium in Zurich

Problems on hold In Manqateen, Upper Egypt No church for 27 years

Terror in Taba

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