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Druze Mount next flashpoint in Syrian conflict: Implications for Israel

Monday 15 June 2015
{{Synopsis}} This month's killing of 23 Druze clan members by Jabhat Al Nusra jihadists has made Syrian Druze a potential flashpoint in a proxy (...)

Turkey’s tortoise democratic revolution

Monday 8 June 2015
It was no joke for millions of Turks who queued in front of ballot boxes at early hours of the day to cast their votes and determine the fate of (...)

Syria’s Druze are caught in a maelstrom

Monday 1 June 2015
Analysts have wondered why Syria’s Druze have not joined the uprising against the regime of President Bashar Assad, despite the fact that the (...)

A Policy to Defeat Both ISIL and Iran

Thursday 28 May 2015
The Middle East state system is under relentless pressure, and preserving it will require a long-term vision for shoring up U.S. allies, rolling (...)

Jean-Pierre Filiu: Daech never stopped progressing

Tuesday 26 May 2015
{{Jean-Pierre Filiu, historian and professor at Science Po (Paris), was asked by the [Journal du Dimanche->

For Al-Baghdadi, Islam is a religion of war, a shrewd message

Thursday 21 May 2015
For Al-Baghdadi, Islam is a religion of war, a shrewd message according to Father Samir
{{The 'caliph' urges all Muslims to carry out their ‘hijrah’, emigration, to move from an Islam of peace to one of war, imitating Muhammad and his (...)

Bashar Assad’s perilous dance with Iran

Monday 18 May 2015
The latest story from Syria this week, published by The Daily Telegraph, was that Ali Mamlouk, the head of Syria’s National Security Bureau, had (...)

Why the Seymour Hersh story was declined by The New Yorker

Saturday 16 May 2015
{{A knowledgeable source and writer of this website, who declined to be named, gave Middle East Transparent the following explanation for The New (...)

Obama Loses the Sunni Arabs

Wednesday 13 May 2015
They reject his attempts to reassure them over the Iran nuclear deal.
The promise of a successful nuclear deal with Iran is that it will stop nuclear proliferation, moderate Tehran’s behavior, make the Middle East a (...)

Get Serious About a Buffer Zone in Syria

Monday 11 May 2015
Obama needs to show that he’s willing to shift the Middle East balance of power against Iran.
President Barack Obama's meeting with leaders from the Gulf Cooperation Council at Camp David next week is likely to be a pivot point in the (...)

‏Europe and Islam‪:‬ ‏The Jewish Grand Sanhedrin as example

Monday 11 May 2015
{{‏The main body of the following article was published by Middle East Transparent on April‪ 2007. The migration of thousands of Europeans and (...)

Assuring Uneasy Gulf Allies at Camp David: The Military Dimension

Sunday 10 May 2015
The United States will need to supplement its traditional approach of focusing on arms transfers, military presence, and redlines with a commitment to push back against Iranian regional influence.
The high-level summit next week with leaders of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and (...)

Islamism and the Left

Friday 8 May 2015
{This article is followed by a response by Andrew F. March, along with Michael Walzer’s reply. To read the exchange, [click (...)

The beginning of the end in Syria

Tuesday 5 May 2015
{{President Bashar Assad’s regime is beginning to crumble despite assistance from Iran and its allies. However, such a prospect did not prevent (...)

The war racket in the Middle East serves the U.S.

Tuesday 28 April 2015
As a U.S. senator, Kerry was among the lawmakers with the most money invested in companies with Department of Defense contracts and who earned the most from these investments.
The conduct toward Iran of the world powers, especially the United States, is not surprising: Peace in the Middle East is the No. 1 enemy of the (...)

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