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Summary of The Bhutto Murder Trail : From Waziristan To Ghq

Wednesday 24 November 2010

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{{About the Book }} ‘It is no longer important if I become the prime minister for the third time. What is important is that my country is in danger. So I had to return even if it meant risking my life...’—Benazir Bhutto, hours before she was assassinated in Rawalpindi. Drawing on personal anecdotes, meetings, off-therecord conversations with Benazir Bhutto, and the emails that he exchanged with her just before her death, Amir Mir brings us a carefully documented reconstruction of the assassination that rocked the world, the events leading to it, and its aftermath. His meticulously researched book is also a chilling exposé of the symbiotic relationship between Pakistan’s formidable military and intelligence agencies, and the radical Islamic terrorist groups entrenched there. From the murky details of the ‘election rigging cells’ that Bhutto was on the brink of exposing, inside information about her ‘designated killers’, the dubious security cover, the wanton destruction of evidence at the crime scene, the cover-up that began soon after the murder, the scapegoats, the arbitrary arrests and the compromised investigations, to the outright deceptions of various military top brass and even members of her own party, the book reveals it all. Other highlights include excerpts from the reports of high-level investigations carried out by different organisations, rare pictures related to the suicide attack on Bhutto’s convoy, her last speech delivered minutes before she was killed, and her hand-written ‘political will’ which her party released after her death. The richly textured narrative is supported by exclusive information that sheds fresh light on various conspiracy theories, and will almost certainly evoke controversy and debate. {{About the Author }} Amir Mir, the former editor of Weekly Independent, is among Pakistan’s foremost investigative journalists whose insightful writings on terrorism, Islamic militant groups and their links with the country’s military and intelligence establishment have drawn widespread attention. Having started his journalistic career in 1988 with the The Frontier Post, Lahore, he has worked with several newspapers, news agencies and magazines in Pakistan and abroad includingThe News, The Nation, The Post, The Friday Times, Dawn, Newsline, Reuters, Spanish News Agency, Gulf News, Arab News, Outlook magazine, Tehelka and Daily News & Analysis (DNA). With a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Amir Mir has authored three books on the subject of militant Islam and terrorism, The True Face of Jehadis, The Fluttering Flag of Jehad and Talibanization of Pakistan: From 9/11 to 26/11 and Beyond. Earlier, Amir Mir had co-authored Most Wanted: Profiles of Terror in addition to writing a Foreword to A to Z of the Jehadi Organizations, published in 2004.

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