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by KEVIN KNODELL On April 20, a representative of one of America’s strongest Middle East allies met with Pres. Barack Obama at the White House. The purpose of the (...)

‏The main body of the following article was published by Middle East Transparent on April‪ 2007. The migration of thousands of Europeans and Americans to join the (...)

The conduct toward Iran of the world powers, especially the United States, is not surprising: Peace in the Middle East is the No. 1 enemy of the major weapons (...)

By Liz Sly April BEIRUT — A surge of rebel gains in Syria is overturning long-held assumptions about the durability of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, which now (...)

Nicholas Blanford, Beirut - IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly Lebanon’s militant Shia group, Hizbullah, has constructed an airstrip in the northern Bekaa Valley for its (...)

By YAROSLAV TROFIMOV RIYADH—Watching Saudi Arabia spend hundreds of billions of dollars on sophisticated weapons in the past decade, many friends and foes of the (...)

Just days after releasing the Iran framework, Secretary of State John F. Kerry reaffirmed that the United States would insist on phased-in sanctions relief. Iran’s (...)

By Christoph Reuter Aloof. Polite. Cajoling. Extremely attentive. Restrained. Dishonest. Inscrutable. Malicious. The rebels from northern Syria, remembering (...)

The remarks Tuesday by Hezbollah parliamentarian Hasan Fadlallah, deriding the Special Tribunal for Lebanon “as a scandalous breach of Lebanese sovereignty,” were (...)

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Sabah Presidential elections and tournament hosting in the world of soccer appear to be seldom won on the merits of a candidate or bidder’s (...)

Jeremy Binnie, London and Sean O’Connor, Indianapolis - IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly Airbus Defence and Space imagery taken on 27 March 2015 shows locations targeted in (...)

American policy in the Middle East provides much fodder for the lovers of conspiracy theories. The actions of the United States over the past few decades — (...)

On March 31, Lebanese prime minister Tammam Salam was in Kuwait attending a UN humanitarian relief conference for Syria, seeking a billion dollars in assistance to (...)

Dr. Kamal Yazigi Those who support terrorism and try to cover up its crimes would have us believe that terrorism cannot be defined objectively, that it is only a (...)

Pakistani Shiite Muslims protesting a suicide bomb attack on a Shiite mosque in Peshawar with portraits of the victims, February 20, 2015. At least twenty-three (...)

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