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Iran Says Much, Does Little on Gaza

Friday 9 January 2009
By Mehdi Khalaji
Iranian hardliners are using the Gaza Strip crisis as an opportunity to restate their claim as the true Muslim leaders by denouncing Arab (...)

Tiptoeing around death in South Lebanon

Friday 9 January 2009
By Michael Young
The rocket attacks yesterday across Lebanon’s southern border with Israel were a worrying sign that the conflict in Gaza may escalate into a wider (...)


Wednesday 7 January 2009
Salman Masalha
These things must be said in an unvarnished way. The situation that has developed in this land that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the (...)

Mehdi Khalaji: The Clerical Establishment Will Not Promote Democracy

Monday 5 January 2009
Note: During the past two centuries establishing a connection between Islam and democracy has been, and continues to be, the main desire of many (...)

Akbar Ganji: ’The 12th Shia imam was a historical invention’

Saturday 3 January 2009
’They all think I’m a spy’Once a revolutionary who helped bring down Iran’s monarchy in 1979, Akbar Ganji is now the country’s most outspoken (...)

Is Israel too imprisoned in the familiar ceremony of war?

Tuesday 30 December 2008
David Grossman
One more good reason to support David Grossman’s idea of a 48 (renewable) truce is to foil "the great provocation" designed in Teheran, and (...)

US study: Hizbullah fought better than Arab armies

Saturday 20 December 2008
From the summary: .................................................................. Hezbollah did some things well, such as its use of cover (...)

"Charter 08" (From The New York Review of Books)

Wednesday 17 December 2008
Translated from the Chinese by Perry Link The following text of Charter 08, signed by hundreds of Chinese intellectuals and translated and (...)


Sunday 30 November 2008
THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL’S 2025 PROJECT * From the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council "Global Trends 2025: A Transformed (...)

The Forgotten Uprising In Islam’s Holiest Shrine

Thursday 23 October 2008
In Conversation with Yaroslav Trofimov Author of THE SIEGE OF MECCA * Q: If November 20, 1979 had never happened, do you think there would (...)

He made a homeland of words (Mahmoud Darwish, 1941-2008)

Monday 15 September 2008
by Salman Masalha
"My homeland is not a suitcase and I am no traveler," Mahmoud Darwish wrote in an attempt to give poetic expression to the Palestinian tragedy. (...)

Three Books on Al-Qaeda in Bosnia

Monday 26 May 2008
Marko Attila Hoare
** From DEMOCRATIYA Unholy Terror: Bosnia, al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad by John R. Schindler Zenith Press, 2008, 368. pp. Marko (...)

Introduction to Middle Eastern Law

Sunday 18 May 2008
Chibli Mallat

The Washington Institute

Monday 24 March 2008

The Problem of Hezbollah

Monday 3 March 2008
Donna Robinson Divine
** Hezbollah: A Short History by Augustus Richard Norton Princeton University Press, 2007, 183. pp. This book begins with what the author (...)

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