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Saudi Court Refuses to Block Marriage of Girl, 8, to Older Man

Wednesday 15 April 2009
ADVERTISEMENTOutraged human rights groups are calling the decision by a Saudi court to — not once, but twice — refuse to void the marriage of an (...)

Amos Oz discusses his work as Israel marks his 70th birthday

Wednesday 8 April 2009
By Maya Sela Amos Oz is first mentioned in Haaretz in October 1961: "Preparations continue for the publication of a weekly political newspaper (...)

Tibet: Pressure on China to resume dialogue with Dalai Lama’s envoys

Wednesday 25 March 2009
20/03/2009 A Group of Nobel Prize Laureates, leading human rights activists and Members of Parliament from several countries joined an appeal (...)

A new approach is needed to the Saudi Shiites

Tuesday 17 March 2009
On February 24, violent confrontations between Shiite pilgrims and the Saudi religious police and security forces took place at the entrance to (...)

Your Only Fault is You Forgot How Valuable You Are…

Saturday 7 March 2009
Dear Woman, I know that in reality you cannot move on your own, you still cannot have the initiative, and can not provide your own decisions. (...)

Talking much gibberish about Hamas

Thursday 5 March 2009
You can say many disparaging things about the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, but he did manage, until his dying breath, to preserve what (...)

On not debating Christopher Hitchens

Thursday 26 February 2009
Michael Young
Much attention was paid last week to the run-in the British-American author and journalist Christopher Hitchens had with followers of the Syrian (...)

Saudi Arabia’s Silent Spring

Monday 23 February 2009
By Toby Jones
Why there’s less to King Abdullah’s Valentine’s Day reform than meets the eye. Three and a half years after succeeding to the throne, King Abdullah (...)


Saturday 7 February 2009
Salman Masalha
From fragments of children in a shadeforsaken camp Concentrated especially for infant rest, there beyond the separation fence, To anxiety (...)

The Art of ’egging’ and ’shoeing’ as a tool of political expression

Thursday 5 February 2009
Iqbal Latif
Iqbal Latif- Paris Eggs are economical, nonlethal and messy enough to spoil the day of any budding politician or businessman. High-profile (...)

The Fluttering Flag of Jehad in Pakistan

Wednesday 28 January 2009
Amir Mir
LAHORE: "The Fluttering Flag of Jehad", a sensational book by senior Pakistani journalist Amir Mir, has hit the news stands, saying that seven (...)

The War in Gaza: Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat?

Friday 16 January 2009
Anthony H. Cordesman
Synopsis: The Israeli-Hamas War, and there is little else that it can be called, has now lasted two weeks. Israeli jets have flown some 800 (...)

Two Enemies in the Same Pit

Thursday 15 January 2009
Salman Masalha
One of the most difficult problems facing the Islam-based Arab societies is the absence of a culture of reckoning of conscience. In other (...)

Claiborne Pell and the roots of Iraqi regime change

Tuesday 13 January 2009
By Chibli Mallat
Politicians who qualify as statesmen are few and far between. Statesmanship requires poise and vision, so that detachment and far-sightedness do (...)

Israel continues to waltz

Tuesday 13 January 2009
Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali sent the following letter with his Gaza article published in today’s Guardian. We just could not resist the temptation to share his (...)

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