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A Palestinian people, yes, a Jewish people, no?

Friday 13 August 2010
Just as Jews are not the ones who will determine whether the Palestinians are a people or not, Salman Masalha cannot determine whether the Jews (...)

A Jewish and democratic restaurant

Monday 9 August 2010
Compared to other countries, Israel has been blessed with many scientific inventions. If that were all there were to it, we could stop at this (...)

Fadlallah and a forgotten liberal

Monday 2 August 2010
The death of Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah brought on a veritable riptide of praise for the departed cleric from all quarters. Whatever one (...)

Has Hassan Nasrallah been too hasty?

Friday 23 July 2010
If there were doubts about whether Hizbullah participated in the assassination of the former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, for many people the (...)

The Palestinians’ chance to win a moral victory

Monday 12 July 2010
The Palestinian side, which has suffered for decades from the Israeli occupation, can demonstrate moral superiority over the occupier by allowing (...)

Did you say McChrystal or MacArthur?

Wednesday 30 June 2010
By the time you read this article, President Barack Obama should have decided whether to keep General Stanley McChrystal on as his commander in (...)

Hypocrisy begins at home

Thursday 24 June 2010
It may be that the whole world is dazzlingly two-faced, but we should nevertheless focus on the hypocrites in our own region, since after all, (...)

Arabs shouldn’t weep for Helen Thomas

Thursday 10 June 2010
By this time, you will have heard what happened to former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who resigned this week as a columnist for (...)

All in The Same Boat

Thursday 3 June 2010
The analytic mind who holds the political security portfolio in the “didn’t know, didn’t hear, didn’t see” government of Israel has finally found the (...)

Whither America after the Gaza fiasco?

Thursday 3 June 2010
As Israel stumbles to limit the fallout from its foolish, violent handling of the Gaza flotilla incident, a larger question is what the fiasco (...)


Wednesday 19 May 2010
We often hear about the bleak situation of the Hebrew spoken by students in the schools. In a document published after the latest matriculation (...)

Disappearing Christians: The Vatican Synod for the churches of the Middle East

Tuesday 18 May 2010
Catholic leaders to convene to address problem of steady emigration from region
In October 2010 the Catholic Bishops and Patriarchs of the Middle East will convene in Rome for a Synod to discuss the problems of the region as (...)

The Times Square Bomber: Home-Grown Hatred?

Tuesday 18 May 2010
Ahmed Rashid The Pakistani media is in a state of apoplexy about the would-be Times Square bomber, the Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad. (...)

The missiles are coming

Sunday 9 May 2010
A rational country would have done the arithmetic long ago and understood that by continuing to hold on to the Golan Heights, the chances of a (...)

Libyan Junk(et)

Thursday 29 April 2010
This week’s visit to Libya by an Israeli Arab delegation signifies a loss of both political and moral orientation. The group, which included (...)

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