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Being rotten to the state of Denmark

Thursday 6 January 2011
The decision of President Barack Obama to make a series of recess appointments that, among other things, sent Robert Ford to Damascus as the new (...)

Yemeni-Swiss Liberal: The Shari’a Is Unjust

Wednesday 5 January 2011
Dr. Elham Mane’a, a reformist of Yemeni origin living in Switzerland, recently posted a series of articles on the liberal website (...)

Rabbis of the Dry Bones

Wednesday 29 December 2010
The rabbis’ letter in support of Safed’s Town Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, the demonstrations against renting apartments to “foreigners” and slogans like (...)

Wednesday… has it gone up yet?

Tuesday 28 December 2010
It’s almost Wednesday, and every Lebanese citizen has started to really hate this day. On Wednesdays fuel prices go upwards…every Wednesday… no (...)

What If Israel Ceases to Be a Democracy?

Tuesday 28 December 2010
Is it actually possible that one day Israelis — Jewish Israelis — would choose to give up democracy in order to maintain Israel’s Jewish voting (...)

The Muslim Brotherhood Down the Salafi road

Friday 17 December 2010
A new study charts how the Muslim Brotherhood largely pushed itself to the fringes of society, writes Galal Nassar from Alexandria A recent (...)

Saudi Arabia Unholy Trespass (Human Rights First Society)

Sunday 12 December 2010
Read the Report Conclusion & Recommendations Article 23(a) of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam states that, “Authority (...)

The media fanned the flames

Wednesday 8 December 2010
The media must do some thorough soul-searching in the wake of the Carmel fire.
It wasn’t only pinecones that burst, flew far from the trees and ignited more fires in the forests. The media also set up studios and sent out (...)

How European Zionism has corrupted ’Jewish Arabs’

Sunday 14 November 2010
Carmel Shama’s decision to add an appendage to his name is a blatant example of how ’Ashkenazi Zionism,’ from Europe, has corrupted the souls (...)

Logic for Jews only

Saturday 6 November 2010
It seems Professor Avineri is cutting the very branches of logic he seeks to hold on to, one after the other. Professor Shlomo Avineri raises (...)

The War of Gog and Demagogue

Friday 29 October 2010
Here is a scenario: A devout Evangelical Christian is elected president of the United States. Fundamental to his ideology is the return of the (...)

Christians together, the small flock and hope in the Middle East

Wednesday 27 October 2010
A masterful commentary of the Instrumentum Laboris made public by Benedict XVI in Cyprus. The urgent issues for Christians in the Middle East (...)

Politics and Hizbullah’s grim language

Thursday 30 September 2010
The rhetoric of Hizbullah representatives lately has been so extreme, so contrary to the conventions of courteous political exchange in even (...)

Arabs, speak Hebrew!

Tuesday 28 September 2010
Many Arab eyebrows - those of politicians and populist education officials - will no doubt be raised when they read this headline. At the same (...)

The poet’s political correctness

Friday 20 August 2010
We have a duty to criticize, judge and even take clear positions, even when the views sound unpleasant. "Music from the Maghreb is poor, (...)

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