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If You Don’t Understand Our Commitment to Iran, You Don’t Understand Hezbollah

Monday 17 February 2014
Weekly Standard Lee Smith interviews Washington Institute fellow Matthew Levitt on Hezbollah’s internal workings and international reach. Six (...)

Syria’s war must end

Saturday 15 February 2014
Stephen Hawking is the author of “A Brief History of Time” and a former professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. * The Greek (...)

Why the shameless can’t take topless

Thursday 13 February 2014
Apparently, a girl who exposes her breasts can agitate some Lebanese much more than a man who clubs his wife to death. Lebanese alpine skier (...)

Obama’s Syria policy is disintegrating

Thursday 6 February 2014
It’s difficult to identify anything the United States has done right in Syria. For most Americans, including President Barack Obama, the (...)

The nation marches on its hopes

Wednesday 5 February 2014
“Every soldier,” as Napoleon said,” carries a general’s baton in his rucksack.” However, if you put weaponry into the hands of a fool, he is liable to think that the weaponry solves every problem he encounters.
How do generals come into the world? They make wars, lots and lots of wars. Indeed, without constant engagement in destruction and killing, (...)

Syria: The Shadow of Iraq

Monday 27 January 2014
It is very difficult to imagine a scenario in which our involvement in Syria would have led to a better outcome, short of us being willing to (...)

Give Syria’s dead a chance to speak out

Monday 27 January 2014
“I carry in me a great cemetery,” says the main character in Mustapha Khalifeh’s novel “Al-Qawqaa,” (The Shell). “At night the tombs open their doors. (...)

Geneva gives peace hope…

Friday 17 January 2014
Kuwait City - It was a moment to remember when Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, with a rather soft voice, as if he was offering (...)

Iran, Syria, and Egypt

Monday 13 January 2014
The perception that the White House is determined to include the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s political process could hamper the Iran and Syria negotiations, among other ill effects.
The U.S. is now pursuing deals in Geneva with both Iran and Syria — two long-time brutal, dictatorial, enemy regimes. At the same time, the U.S. (...)

Sorry, we killed you due to an unavoidable mistake!

Friday 10 January 2014
“Subconsciously (and sadly) the Muslim-Turkish thinking tolerates it if Muslims kill Muslims; does not tolerate it but does not turn the world upside down when Christians kill Muslims; pragmatically ignores it when too-powerful Christians kill Muslims; but is programmed to turn the world upside down when Jews kill Muslims.”
One need not have too powerful an imagination to answer: What would happen if Greek fighter jets bombed and killed 34 Greek citizens of Turkish (...)

Answering Bibi and Libi

Wednesday 8 January 2014
The answer to Netanyahu and Lieberman needs to come in the establishment of a social democratic front of the Israeli left. The ball is sitting in the court of the two Israeli parties Meretz and Hadash.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Bibi and Libi for short, have joined together for the following (...)

Damas ou le tombeau de l’Europe

Thursday 2 January 2014
Echoes from Antoine Courban’s agora   Translated By Jill Naeem What an earthquake! The Syrian regime uses chemical weapons against its own (...)

’The Myth of Mao Zedong Still Haunts China’

Thursday 26 December 2013
A commentary by Bao Tong The 20th century saw three great political myths. The myths of Hitler and Stalin have been annihilated, but the myth (...)

Patriarch Sidrak: Political Islam in Egypt has failed

Wednesday 18 December 2013
Interview with the leader of the Coptic Catholic Church, who talks about an unprecedented proposal made at the Eastern patriarchs’ recent meeting with the Bishop of Rome
GIANNI VALENTE ROME Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak was elected Patriarch of Alexandria’s Coptic Catholics last January. Since then there have been (...)

U.S. inaction in Syria could be far more costly than intervention

Wednesday 18 December 2013
The Post’s View By Editorial Board FROM THE beginning of the Syria crisis almost three years ago, the Obama administration has found reasons to (...)

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