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A divorce that Nasrallah cannot afford

Saturday 21 April 2007
By Michael Young
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on Sunday formalized Hizbullah’s divorce from the rest of Lebanese society, confirming there is a fundamental rift (...)

Recognizing India’s huge book industry

Saturday 21 April 2007
Dr. Abdulla Al-Madani
India was recently the ‘Guest of Honour’ country at the Paris International Book Fair (PIBF), which was held from 23 to 29 March. On the sidelines (...)

The Pope and Islam

Saturday 21 April 2007
Is there anything that Benedict XVI would like to discuss?

When a dilettante takes on Hizbullah

Saturday 21 April 2007
By Michael Young
We can thank the US speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, for having informed Syrian President Bashar Assad, from Beirut, that "the road to solving (...)

Albanians Rediscover God, If Not

Saturday 21 April 2007
Mary Jordan

The Kissinger Presidency

Saturday 21 April 2007
Robert Dallek

Saudi reformists call for Islamic constitutional monarchy

Saturday 21 April 2007
Agence France-Presse - 03 April, 2007 The new petition - the first during the reign of King Abdullah- represents the view of the moderate (...)

Sunni Baghgdad Becomes Land of Silent Ruins

Sunday 1 April 2007
Alissa J. Rubin
Far more than in Shiite areas, sectarian hatred has shredded what remained of community life in Sunni neighborhoods of (...)

Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years

Sunday 1 April 2007
U.S. Watch Lists Are Drawn From Massive Clearinghouse
By Karen DeYoung Each day, thousands of pieces of intelligence information from around the world — field reports, captured documents, news from (...)

A German Judge Cites Koran in Divorce Case

Sunday 1 April 2007
By Veit Medick and Anna Reimann
He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for (...)

Syria’s ’engagers’ can’t ignore Brammertz

Thursday 22 March 2007
By Michael Young

The Syrian secret Sharon did not reveal to Olmert

Thursday 22 March 2007
By Akiva Eldar

After Guantanamo Bay Testimony

Monday 19 March 2007
Khaled Shaikh Mohammed Enigma still intact
Pierre Akel The only two major terror operations for which Khaled Shaikh Mohammed claims no credit, in his recently released testimony to the (...)

Don’t expect a soldier like John Abizaid to just fade away

Monday 19 March 2007
By David Ignatius
An enduring image of General John Abizaid is of him bounding from an armored Humvee in one of Baghdad’s toughest neighborhoods last summer and (...)

Yemen from Nepotism to Internal Jihad

Monday 19 March 2007
Jane Novak
Do the Yemeni government’s actions against a band of Shiite rebels comprise an internal Jihad? The upper levels of the Yemeni military, judiciary (...)

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