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Was Osama Right?

Thursday 17 May 2007
Bernard Lewis
Islamists always believed the U.S. was weak. Recent political trends won’t change their view. D uring the Cold War, two things came to be known (...)

Unquantified successes? How Iraq has been won!!

Tuesday 15 May 2007
Iqbal Latif
’Kerry’s and Kennedy’s and democrats’ shortsightedness on Iraq is a classic example of instant gratification in politics. The real change of (...)

Baathist regime has dissident journalist sentenced to three years in jail

Monday 14 May 2007
Reporters Without Borders Press release 13 May 2007 SYRIA Reporters Without Borders voiced outrage at the three-year prison imposed today on (...)

America moves forward to the past

Friday 11 May 2007
By Michael Young
No sooner had Condoleezza Rice finished shaking hands with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem last week at the Sharm el-Sheikh conference, (...)

Is China about to launch political reforms?

Monday 7 May 2007
Dr. Abdulla Al-Madani
On the 50th anniversary of the purging campaign launched in 1957 by Communist China’s founding father Mao Zedong to terrorize and silence people (...)

Syrian Endgame

Sunday 6 May 2007
America should press Damascus to let go of Lebanon
BY MICHAEL YOUNG, BEIRUT—This week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is meeting in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh with representatives (...)

In Jihadist Haven, a Goal: To Kill and Die in Iraq

Sunday 6 May 2007
ZARQA, Jordan — Abu Ibrahim considers his dead friends the lucky ones. Four died in Iraq in 2005. Three more died this year, one with an (...)

Translate into law

Sunday 6 May 2007
Youssef Sidhom
Political parties, MPs and civil society organisations in Egypt are now busy investigating how the constitutional amendments approved last March (...)

Spiegel Interview

Sunday 6 May 2007
’No One Drives Me into Exile’ Orhan Pamuk

Amnesty International

Sunday 6 May 2007
Incommunicado detention, torture and unfair trial of pro-democracy discussion group members
Seven young men who were engaged in developing a youth discussion group and for having some articles published on the Internet have been detained (...)

Unnecessary friction

Saturday 5 May 2007
By Akiva Eldar

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