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Iraq’s Dire Situation

Tuesday 17 June 2014
On June 13, Michael Knights, James Jeffrey, and Aaron Zelin addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Knights, a Lafer Fellow with (...)

Syria’s Neighbors Want Assad to Step Down, But No Appetite for Aid to Rebels

Tuesday 17 June 2014
Many Fear Extremists Could Take Control of Syria
After three years of civil war, Syria’s neighbors fear that al Qaeda or other extremist groups could take control of that war-torn land, according (...)

Politics, political interference, and mismanagement hamper Middle Eastern soccer

Tuesday 17 June 2014
Fan power has been evident across the region since the first popular revolts erupted in the Middle East and North Africa more than three years ago
Millions across the Middle East and North Africa will cheer Algeria, the only Arab squad to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, when it meets Belgium (...)

Jordan has a Jihadi Problem too

Monday 16 June 2014
The full extent of Salafi jihadist inroads in the kingdom will likely remain unknown until the war in Syria ends, but the current indicators are troubling.
American Interest The Jordanian city of Maan is boiling. Three hours of bad road south of the capital, Amman, this underdeveloped and (...)

Iranian Proxies Step Up Their Role In Iraq

Friday 13 June 2014
Iran’s proxy groups have been working closely with Iraqi government forces for some time and will likely become more important to Baghdad in light of recent events.
On June 10, Iraqi president Nouri al-Maliki publicly called for the establishment of popular militias in response to the latest jihadist (...)

Robert Ford on the ISIS Offensive in Iraq

Thursday 12 June 2014
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a Sunni militant group controlling territory spanning the border between the two country’s northern (...)

The ISIS Battle plan

Thursday 12 June 2014
Ahmed Ali, Jessica D. Lewis, Kimberly Kagan ISIS has advanced from Mosul, which it seized on June 10, to take control of Tikrit, the capital of (...)

Lebanon Unstable and Insecure

Thursday 12 June 2014
Military coordination with Hezbollah may be providing a quick fix, but the country’s long-term strength can only be achieved with a reconstituted March 14 coalition.
During his June 4 visit to Lebanon, Secretary of State John Kerry encouraged lawmakers to elect a new president, pledged $51 million to help (...)

Palestinians Want Hamas In, but Want Peace Talks Too

Friday 6 June 2014
West Bank and Gaza residents alike still appear more receptive to Fatah than Hamas viewpoints.
New findings from three public opinion polls in the West Bank and Gaza show overwhelming support for a new "unity" government backed by both (...)

Palestinian Natural Gas Ambitions

Thursday 5 June 2014
A closer look at the legal, economic, and political issues surrounding gas and oil exploration off Gaza’s coast, including associated power plant proposals and other ventures.
MEES Most of the natural gas (about 40 tcf) found so far in the Eastern Mediterranean’s Levant Basin has been in Israel’s Exclusive Economic (...)

Former Ambassador Robert Ford: I could no longer ‘defend the American policy’

Wednesday 4 June 2014
Ford said it is “now widely known that the State Department thought we needed to give much more help to the armed opposition in Syria.”
By Mick Krever, CNN The Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, who left his post just a month ago, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that he (...)

Iran’s Afghan Shiite Fighters in Syria

Tuesday 3 June 2014
Afghan Shiite militants have been fighting on the Assad regime’s side for some time, and the scope and strategic purpose of Iran’s involvement is becoming increasingly clear.
On May 22, the Wall Street Journal reported that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was recruiting Afghan Shiite refugees to fight in (...)

The Middle East’s Forgotten Minority

Monday 2 June 2014
The Syrian conflict is rattling the world of the Druze, an ethnic group that straddles national lines.
During Lebanon’s Civil War (1975-1990), Israel took sides with the Christian Phalange Party. This had the Israeli Druze community, normally among (...)

Lebanon’s Hizbollah Turns Eastward to Syria

Thursday 29 May 2014
INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP Middle East Report N°15327 May 2014 Read Full Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Lebanese Shiite armed movement Hizbollah (...)

Canadian terrorist, who was a senior Hezbollah member, killed by Syrian rebels

Wednesday 28 May 2014
Stewart Bell A photo allegedly of Hezbollah commander Fawzi Ayoub, who has been killed. TORONTO — Fawzi Ayoub was a hijacker, international (...)

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