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Strategic Deception During the Suez Crisis of 1956

Sunday 17 June 2007
Ricky-Dale Calhoun
A good study from the CIA’s website (Studies in Intelligence). At least one point was news to us, namely that "that Nasser, at the suggestion of (...)

Silencing the voice of a strong woman

Sunday 17 June 2007
Dr.Abdulla Al-Madani
Last month, US-based Afghan physician Khaled Hosseini released his second novel, A Thousnd Splendid Suns. Like in his first novel, The Kite (...)

Syria’s Export of Terrorism to Lebanon: Threat and Response

Friday 15 June 2007
By David Schenker
Yesterday’s car bombing in Beirut, which killed Future Party parliamentarian Walid Eido, underscores the Syrian-backed multifront campaign to (...)

Lebanon: Why rush a national-unity government?

Thursday 14 June 2007
By Michael Young
Negotiations to create a new national-unity government have hit a brick wall, and that’s a relief. The opposition’s conditions for agreeing to (...)

A Compass That Can Clash With Modern Life

Tuesday 12 June 2007
CAIRO, June 11 — First came the breast-feeding fatwa. It declared that the Islamic restriction on unmarried men and women being together could be (...)

Where are the billions? Saga of misisng GCC $542 billlions

Sunday 10 June 2007
Iqbal Latif
The sums just don’t add up! From 2002-06, the six countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the (...)

GCC interest in Vietnam is increasing

Sunday 10 June 2007
Dr. Abdulla Al-Madani
Two decades ago, there was nothing to talk about in terms of contacts or cooperation between Vietnam and the Arab Gulf countries with the (...)

Winning over the Palestinian card

Friday 8 June 2007
Michael Young
It is a coincidence, but a useful one, that on the 40th anniversary of an Arab-Israeli war that prompted the Palestinian national movement to (...)

As Crises Build, Lebanese Fearful of a Failed State

Tuesday 5 June 2007
By Anthony Shadid
TRIPOLI, Lebanon, June 4 — A few miles from Mona Abboud’s bookstore in Tripoli, passengers in cars ducked below the dashboard as volleys of gunfire (...)

Pakistan might be in the midst of its first televised revolution

Monday 4 June 2007
By Griff Witte (from the Washington Post)
As TV Coverage Feeds Protests, Musharraf Reacts HARIPUR, Pakistan — Every day, Taj Mohammed Abbasi wheels his cart through dusty streets, selling (...)

Bhutto Talks of Return to Pakistan, and Maybe Power

Monday 4 June 2007
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 3 — Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is stirring up Pakistani politics by quietly talking through intermediaries (...)

Al Qaeda Strikes Back

Sunday 3 June 2007
by Bruce Riedel

From the NYT: The Flight From Iraq

Sunday 3 June 2007
I. Roads to Damascus At a meeting in mid-April in Geneva, held by António Guterres, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, the (...)

S. Korea and the Gulf: Another golden chance

Sunday 3 June 2007
Dr. Abdulla Al-Madani
It was in the mid-1970s when South Korea succeeded for the first time in its history in establishing a foothold in the Middle East. It did that (...)


Saturday 2 June 2007
By Wajid Shamsul Hasan
London: Pakistani media never had it so good. It is having a field day in reporting on everything under the sun including Pakistan ’s reputed to (...)

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