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Pakistan May Return Detained Islamists to Germany

Thursday 5 July 2007
Terrorists planning attacks on Europe had traveled from Germany

Some common sense from Javier Solana

Thursday 5 July 2007
By Michael Young
After the attack against a Spanish patrol two Sundays ago, Spain’s military began cooperating with Hizbullah in the investigation to determine who (...)

Saudi royal opposes parliament elections

Tuesday 3 July 2007
Reuters - 03 July, 2007— A senior Saudi royal ruled out direct elections to Saudi Arabia’s unelected parliament in comments published on Monday, (...)

The President, butcher and the tomato seller

Sunday 1 July 2007
Iqbal Latif
Core members of Iran’s council of Economic governance - The President, butcher and the tomato selle "For example, there is an honourable butcher (...)

Jakarta’s war on terror won high marks

Sunday 1 July 2007
Dr. Abdulla Al-Madani
Recently, the Indonesian government was praised highly by the United States and neighbouring countries, including Australia, for its excellent (...)

The dismantling of Resolution 1701

Thursday 28 June 2007
By Michael Young
For those following events in South Lebanon, the deadly attack on Sunday against soldiers of the Spanish contingent of UNIFIL was expected. Among (...)

Bahrain still practicing violence against women through Family Courts

Tuesday 26 June 2007
Secretary / Special Rapporteur on violence against women Higher Commissionaire of Human Rights Geneva, Switzerland 25 June 2007 Kindest (...)

Iraqi court sentences ‘Chemical Ali’ to death

Sunday 24 June 2007
Iqbal Latif
An Iraqi special tribunal yesterday sentenced Saddam Hussein’s cousin, known as ”Chemical Ali” to death for the destruction of thousands of Kurdish (...)

Iran Cracks Down on Dissent, Parading Examples

Sunday 24 June 2007
(Image: A police officer forced a young man whose clothes were deemed un-Islamic to suck on a plastic container Iranians use to wash their (...)

Iran’s and Syria’s plan: an interpretation

Wednesday 20 June 2007
Michael Young
Many Lebanese, particularly in the majority camp, have been preoccupied with the court being set up to try suspects in the assassination of the (...)

Thus are reports about the Mideast generated

Wednesday 20 June 2007
By Emmanuel Sivan
A friend of mine, a Lebanese journalist, tells the following story: Three years ago, when his country was under Syrian control, he was stopped (...)

Iraq’s Lost Generation: Impact and Implications

Tuesday 19 June 2007
Over 830 assasinations of academics, doctors, lawyers, judges and journalists since 2003

The Failed States Index 2007-Sudan tops the list

Tuesday 19 June 2007
Iqbal Latif
The Failed States Index 2007 There are 177 states included in the 2007 index, compared to 148 in 2006 and 75 in 2005. A small handful of (...)

Running Guns to Gaza: A Living in the Desert

Tuesday 19 June 2007
RAFAH, Egypt, June 17 — The Hamas military takeover of Gaza last week was partly fueled by caches of weapons smuggled through tunnels below this (...)


Monday 18 June 2007
"It Will Be A Hot Summer"
The Hamas coup in Gaza was directed by a foreign al-Qaeda commando, according to the one of the highest-ranking intelligence officers of the (...)

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