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I Bow to them ALL...

Abir Zaki
Sunday 6 May 2007

They want neither Sharia, nor a coup, but a fully democratic Turkey.

First they demonstrated in Ankara, then in Istanbul, and today’s protest is the third in one month to be organized by supporters of Turkey’s secular constitution in the west… in Manisa

Another rally was held in the town of Canakkale.

And it will continue to Izmir, Bursa, and Adana…etc….

It will cover Turkey!

What’s happening in Turkey is incredible…

I bow to those people with their red national flags showed to the world that they are Free. Never minding the disorder and the confusion within the country these days because the are aware that it will produce at least one POSITIVE result and that’s abroad Turkey will be recognized as pluralist secular democracy! That they are Free!

I bow to those people who showed and still showing that they are the ones who are responsible for the identity of the future president of Turkey and are crying out loud that any fundamental shift from secular tradition towards a religious state is not welcomed! Is not allowed!!

I bow to those people who demonstrated, who were strong and powerful with their slogans aimed against the government. They want them to resign!!

I bow to those people, who want to preserve the inseparable principles of democracy and secularism".

I bow to the demonstrators’ old women, men, children and youth who shouted " Turkey is secular and will remain secular"

I bow to the old woman who said: I am here to protect Ataturk’s state….

I bow to the old man who said: They want to drag Turkey to the dark ages…

I bow to the one who was annoyed and stated that he didn’t want the presidential palace to be for imams…

And to the housewife who said that she doesn’t want a covered woman in Ataturk’s presidential palace…and a university student "We want civilized, modern people there" shared the same idea.

How can I not BOW to these people!!? Especially Women, the organizers and the ones who made up the majority of the participants in the Turkish streets?

I BOW to them ALL….


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