Friday 24 November 2017
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The Mistral Helicopter carriers interest India too

François Hollande is expected to give the green light for the delivery to Russia of the first Mistral ship.
Saturday 15 November 2014

  A consequence of the Ukrainian crisis, the Elysee had initially threatened to cancel the contract. According to military sources, the first of two helicopter carriers ordered by the Russians in 2011 should probably be delivered. In addition to the financial consequences - 1.2 billion euros for the sale of the two ships, plus penalties of € 250 million - the cancellation of the delivery could in turn compromise the negotiations for the sale of Rafale to India, a major ally of the Russians.

This is not all.

According to a Russian source, the Indians have also shown interest in the Mistral. DCNS (formerly Direction des constructions and naval weapons) and OSK, its equivalent in Russia, have discussed cooperation in response to a call for tenders issued by the Indians for 3-5 "Mistral equivalents" and for a budget of 3 billion euros. A boon in times of fiscal crisis! "This project then had a great chance of success, the France having the right product, and Russia the good relationship and perfect knowledge of Indian industrial realities," says a source privy to negotiations.


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Translation by Shaffaf

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